How To Get Visits Using WordPress Pinging

WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door

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Getting people to your website front door is easy with WordPress pings. One of the most powerful features of WordPress is pinging. It is also one of the most dangerous too. Let’s start with what is pinging.WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door

Pinging is a way to let the search engines know that you have added new content or made updates to your content. Which in turn increases traffic to your website. Basically, it works like this: add new content >> WordPress pings the online directories >> the directories tell the search engines that something is going on.

It’s sorta like telling a friend you have a secret but then they cannot contain themselves and tell all their friends because they want to be the smarty pants with the best information.

Here’s the first problem, WordPress only comes with one pinging service but there are actually hundreds.

And there’s a second problem, you can get banned for over pinging.

Let’s start with the bonus stops of your journey:

  • Some of the sites list your blog in their recent updates.
  • Your blog is added to website directories giving you a one-way link.
  • Search engines come to your blog and index it which sends some traffic.
  • People searching the directories see your blog and come on over to check it out.

See the beauty in it.

But there’s a speed bump.

By default WordPress pings with every new topic, along with every edit and update. If you edit a post 10 times then WordPress sends out 10 pings. If you edit a lot you can see where this could cause you a problem and possible banning.

Also if you are a scheduler like me, meaning you write posts and schedule them to be released at future dates, you are causing havoc too.

You schedule 12 posts to go out over the next month. WordPress sends 12 pings right away even though you don’t have anything live yet. After that initial blast, nothing. For the next 30 days, you won’t send a single ping even thigh your posts now appear.

Quick Fix: There is a handy plugin to help with over pining syndrome – WordPress Ping Optimizer

This will notify the services when a new item appears or at the time the scheduled post appears. It won’t notify of existing posts or updates to posts.

Once you have the quick fix plugin for WordPress pings installed, don’t forget to update your ping list.

There you have it, an easy way to get your posts found by the engines to get more traffic to your site and blog.

Are you using pining with your WordPress site? Have you found a more extensive list of pining services?

Do share in the comments below. We can all use a good find or new destination.

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4 thoughts on “WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door”

  1. Thanks for the explanation, Lee. Pinging always confused me especially when I receive an email from WordPress that “a new pingback on the post is waiting for your approval.” Am I supposed to do something with that?

  2. As a rule, I don’t approve pingback because they clutter the comments section. And if they are spam, you’re saying it’s okay for them to have the reference. There is no harm if you don’t approve them. Really, it’s a matter of choice and there is no right or wrong answer on to approve or not.

  3. Lee, What about the pingbacks that aren’t spam, that I receive from my own blog once I’ve published it? Do I ignore, approve or delete?

  4. Lee, this is great information! I had no idea there was such a thing as Word Press Ping. I would love more traffic on my website and have no idea how to get it; this seems like a definite step in the right direction.

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