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Maintaining Your Website Shouldn’t Be On Your To Do List

Keeping it running without protection is NOT the best idea because there are speed bumps everywhere. And you wouldn’t want to lose your well-crafted content due to a security breach because you’ve taken way too much time to get it just so. You’d be mighty upset if a hacker hijacked your site and burned it down to the ground because this is your money maker. Plus bugs in your plugins are a pain in the arse and having your site be out of date is not cool and makes you look bad to your fans.

In order for your website to continue to work for you, you’ll need to stay up to date on technology changes, monitoring your web host, keeping track of current working backups and securing to make sure your data is safe.

Does the thought of having to do all that work make you stress and totally ignore maintenance for your website?

You’re not alone my friend! Most of our customers don’t have the time, wherewithal or skills for this either. You need to focus on your people and not try to be a WordPress development expert.

There is too many a business owner stressing because one day their site is all hot and happy and the next day it’s having a meltdown like a kid being dragged out of the candy store - and you don’t have a clue how to fix what’s happening or where to start.

A WordPress care plan is the answer to you've been looking for.

**Cue the for less than a cup of copy argument**

But seriously, for a small monthly investment, your website worries can be but on the back shelf. While we work on keeping you up to date, monitoring the moving pieces and being here to answer your questions is really worth it in the end.

We have options for all needs and here’s what you get…

Sorry Our ONGOING Maintenance Program is Full

We've filled our spots for ongoing maintenance support and they are now reserved for design and development clients. If you need a new website and we create it, you can still sign up for our maintenance program.

But if you've made the decision to let someone do the work for you, we've partnered with WPBuffs to give you the ongoing support that you seek because Joe and his crew are someone we've vetted and trust.

We still have room for one-off support and fixes so if you have a short to-do list that is more one and done (or a few and done) we can surely help you with that.

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