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Where do fall in the grand scheme of things? 

There really is no order to how to make the most of your biggest marketing asset - your website. But there are steps you need to continue to take.

But there is a natural progression to creating the best experience you can for your potential clients and visitors. And if all else fails, start at the beginning or with a strategy and planning session to know where you need to do next.

structure and organization.


The line we walk between success and failure is a long one But it doesn't have to be. Building a business is tough stuff, being useful online is tougher. There are times you need to get all those ideas out of that pretty brain of yours and start making magic happen. But first, you need to make sense of it all and put it together like your favorite date night outfit.  

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Brand Services

You need an identity and cohesion in your colors, fonts, images and every asset that makes you well you. Whether you have a logo that needs some love or a style guide to help you keep things consistent, brand services will help you keep things consistent. No sense in going into the web design process if you're not sure how you will present yourself in your message and look.

website design.

Design & Development

This isn't about being pretty, that comes later. Web design is about usability and function and form. Without those three things you users may visit but will they stay? Using our favorite tools including WordPress helps us to create a user-friendly and client easy website for your business. And it's made stress-free by giving you guidance all along the way. 

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Enhance Your Website

Because "I want a brochure website" said no one ever (well maybe never but they shouldn't be saying that). In order to grow you need to add pieces that make life easier like e-commerce or membership areas. Maybe you have a course or two in you to share. Whatever you plan, implementation is a breeze with out enhance, on-demand help. 

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WordPress Maintenance

Would you think of never getting a haircut or the occasional mani/pedi? Me neither. Your WordPress website needs that self-love and care too, which is what the maintenance packages are all about. Whether you need a little attention or want continue pampering, you're covered.  

Keep your site in tip-top shape

WordPress Troubleshooting

Is your site running a little wonky or sluggish and you've tried everything you could think of to make it perfect? The beauty of finding a designer and strategist who knows development and code is like discovering a real life unicorn. You get a different type of skillset that other WordPress supporters don't ring to the table.

Get the help you need without headaches

Not sure where to begin? Schedule a first date to see if we are a match.

Sometimes getting started with bringing on a team partner is confusing because you're not sure where to start and if we'll jive. I get it and the best place to start is with a free consultation to get us on the same page and review your options.

Mary Ruth, The Writing VA.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who truly knows their stuff! Lee Drozak is The Best when it comes to all things WordPress. She’s both designer and technician – someone you definitely want on your team if you want to build a powerful web presence.”

Mary Ruth
The Writing VA

Are you a good fit to work with Lee?

+ You’re a passionate and dedicated coach, consultant or service provider who wants to create a more engaging, better website experience that will allow your ideal clients find the solutions they need.

+ You’re badass and you need someone else who is. There’s no hoarding of ideas here and you love to collaborate on projects understanding communication is a two-way street.

+ You’re open to different ideas and ways to work because I’ve tested way too many apps, processes and ideas that lead to huge wins and epic fails. Together we’ll find solutions that work for you and your business.

+ You’re willing to make the investments needed because your website is your most important marketing asset. You understand that investment encompasses both money and time.


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