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Where do fall in the grand scheme of things? 

Your website needs to bridge the gap between showcasing your business and engaging your ideal clients. Most small business owners struggle to put their best digital foot forward because it's not their zone of genius. So they DIY Google results from this designer or that developer and for good measure throw in some tidbits from a business coach.

Your website needs to be your employee of the month, each and every month. There's a natural progression to creating the best experience you can for your potential clients and visitors. And if you're not making that happen it's time to get the help that you need.

Stuck and need help?


Too often as service providers and micro-business owners we struggle to spend time on our digital marketing to create strategies, systems or processes, use tools to automate or get the feedback to set unstuck. Individual coaching is for you

Personnalized Help

Maintain and secure!

On Demand Support

You've got clients to help and epic stuff to create so spending your precious time maintaining and updating your website isn't on the schedule. Your WordPress site health is important to us and we can give you peace of mind with maintenance.

Affordable Packages

Ecommerce and Custom Sites

Design and Development

It's easy to slap up a website for your online business but that's not enough in today's market. You need to create and experience and engagement to make the sale and gather leads that will have your customers raving about your services ad offers.

User-Friendly Sites

Are you a good fit to work with Lee?

+ You’re a passionate and dedicated coach, consultant or service provider who wants to create a more engaging, better website experience that will allow your ideal clients to find the solutions they need.

+ You’re badass and you need someone else who is. There’s no hoarding of ideas here and you love to collaborate on projects understanding communication is a two-way street.

+ You’re open to different ideas and ways to work because I’ve tested way too many apps, processes and ideas that lead to huge wins and epic fails. Together we’ll find solutions that work for you and your business.

+ You’re willing to make the investments needed because your website is your most important marketing asset. You understand that investment encompasses both money and time.


Not sure where to begin? Schedule a first date to see if we are a match.

Sometimes getting started is confusing and the hardest part of the journey because you're not sure where to start and if we'll jive. I get it and the best place to start is with a free consultation to get us on the same page and review your options.

Mary Ruth, The Writing VA.

“It’s such a pleasure to work with someone who truly knows their stuff! Lee Drozak is The Best when it comes to all things WordPress. She’s both designer and technician – someone you definitely want on your team if you want to build a powerful web presence.”

Mary Ruth
The Writing VA
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