Does Your Website

You Need A Battle Plan That Addresses The Needs Of That ONE Person.


Yes, you read that right. Your website needs to focus on your perfect client and the answer they seek from their internet search. And then give them the solutions without making them think.

This one-on-one workshop is designed to help you stop the overwhelm of trying to figure out what to include on your website and why.

Because we align your business goals and strategies and define an engaging user journey.

And, we don’t start from square one - we start at ground zero.

We all have misconceptions about the role of our website in the big picture of the online business world.

  • Myth-buster #1:

    Your website is about you - not really but it’s all about the solutions you provide.

  • Myth-buster #2:

    Your website starts with a pretty design - it can but you need a strategic website that will help you convert and sell.

  • Myth-buster #3:

    Your website is a part of your marketing - okay that’s somewhat is the single most important piece of your marketing arsenal.

busting web design myths

Think of it like building a puzzle, you lay out all the pieces and start with the outside because it’s the easiest route to take. Then you take on the inside and discover that a piece is missing. So you’ve spent hours and hours and still come up shy.

Not when you focus on Web Positioning because we flip that and start with the inners, looking for the missing pieces and make sure there are none. Then with the guts the puzzle complete you have the choice of finishing on your own or getting help to build the big picture.

Web design and development is like building a puzzle; you need to lay all the pieces out (who you serve and why, your brand, your content, your products, and services).

Then you form a game plan (position workshop) for the build.

Next, you start placing the essential pieces (strategy, user experience, and user journey).

And when that’s done you add the outers (adding a theme, plugins aka development) to create the big picture that you’ll put on display for all your badasses to see.

How Does It Work?




An in-depth consultation to assess where you are, what you have, where you are going because the foundation of your business is the foundation fo your web design.





An outline of all the moving parts - your freebie, your products, your expertise to determine how it will affect your customer because the design isn’t about being pretty it's about being pretty effective.




This is where things come together, you'll have brand consistency, brand positioning, creative strategies and much more because the bottom line is to meet your customers where they are.

What Will I Get?

+ Website Positioning Audit where I look at the moving parts including SEO components, brand components, customer journey and user experience. This will give us a starting point on what needs changed and what does not.

+ Half Day Strategy Session where we put all the pieces on the table making sure nothing is missing. This helps your business to plug the holes and stop the leaks.

+ Personalized Digital Positioning Clarity Guide that will give you the blueprint for everything you need create a web experience. This valuable guide is your outline and action plan. You will know exactly what steps you need to take as you build your website.

+ Wireframe examples that will allow you to find the perfect theme and know where to put the pieces that we’ve perfected. You’ll have a visual cue to find the perfect theme or give to your designer.

+ Templates and Workbook to help you continue to grow and update your website. Need a sample? Check out the Blog Post Planner that you can use right now and down the road.

+ Email Support because I don’t want to leave you sitting alone at the table. You can ask your questions, get clarification or keep me updated on how things are going. Because you need someone to have your back.

All of this and more for $1599.

Ready to gear up and take on the virtual world?

Did you have a website audit? Your previous payment from the Web Audit can be applied to the Web Positioning package.