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Are you struggling to connect with your audience?

Feeling like something is not quite right with your website and your not sure how to fix it?

Your people are not signing up and it seems like your list never grows.

You get people to add items to the cart but no one seems to actually be buying.

You've created the site yourself but you're not sure that it's designed to attract.

You aren't getting the traffic you thought you should and what you're doing is not working.

It's time for eyes on site WordPress website audit where you get a report of your current set up, usability, optimization and more.

Here's What You'll Get

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    A questionnaire to provide essential details

    that will help guide the session so that I have a starting point on what it is you are trying to achieve.

  • " "

    A recorded video

    where you watch over my shoulder to assess your up to five pages on your website to see what others are seeing.

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    A custom report PDF

     that will recap the recording and give you action steps of improvements you can make.

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    Credit for additional help

    And if you decide to work with me, your fee is applied to future work and sessions. So basically the audit will be free!

Ready to see what's missing on your website?

Your investment to get valuable and actionable information you to improve your website today through an eyes on site website audit is $150.00

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You know when you get to that time to pivot in my business and need to re-design my website, that’s how I found Lee. Being a Do It Yourself when it comes to my site; I wanted to make sure my home page is in good shape. I don't just want a pretty website, I want one that converts visitors into customers. I needed a web developer and designer who could talk strategy with me about what works, what doesn't, and the placement, messaging and calls to action and how to get visitors to take action


That’s exactly what happened! After the audit, I knew exactly what changes to make and each element on my home page tied to my website visitor's experience. The session gave me the confidence to no longer feel like I have to make an excuse when sending someone to my website.

Gennia Holder
Marketing and Brand Strategist,
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