Does Your Website

Website Review with Expert Recommendations After Having Eyes On Your Site

This is not just another automated report.
You’ll get a personalized analysis and review of your website for user experience, SEO factors, competitiveness and overall badassery.

What does that mean for me?

Many website review and audits look for the obvious, SEO and technical checkpoints because you need eyes on your site to be found. But, it’s more than getting eyes on your site. It’s about conversion, sales and overall user friendliness.


The first step is to make sure the needs of your ideal clients align with what solutions you offer.


It's about finding what is needed on the past of least resistance without adding shiny object road bumps.


Your message is key but making sure your site is in proper working order on all devices is just as important.


Attracting your perfect client is much easier when the search engines can find you based on words that matter.

Because let’s face it, your website is not about you and quite frankly it’s not about your visitors. So what is it about? Your perfect client. The person who YOU’LL say yes to. The one person you’ll want to be your client because they get you, see your value and know you’re the bomb-digity,

And that’s why my reviews are different from others.

It starts with some key questions that I ask you that others don’t normally think to ask. Sure I’ll look at your code, SEO metas and links, social influence but I go a little further.

I’ll sign up for your offers, complete your contact forms, and look at other items that are conversion triggers and engagement items.

Then if that’s not enough you get a 1:1 private 60-minute strategy session to plan what to do with the information you’ll receive. The is an intimate, non-intimidating, judgement-free chat.

Maybe you’re building an epic brand and need to reflect that. Maybe you’re overwhelmed with technology. Maybe you need to add functionality such as a shopping cart or online program or digital download.

Or maybe you’re struggling to make heads or tails out of all the digital advice you’ve been finding.

What Will I Get?

+ Website Audit/Review Report. This one of a kind report will tell you what’s working WITH YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE, what’s not, what the impression of your site is and how you can be different from your competition.

+ One (1) private 60-minute strategy session. We’ll look at the finds of the report, go step by step through your site, look in the nooks and crannies and find out how you can refresh your digital space(s) for ultimate success.

+ Two (2) weeks of priority email support for answering those burning questions that pop up after our session

+ You’ll receive a recording of our call to reference again and again

+ You’ll leave the session with action steps on what to do next and how to continue to build on that.

Cost: $299  / One 60-minute strategy session + 2 weeks of priority email access and 1 Zoom or Skype chat session.

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