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Why Blog Writing Is Like Walking On Stilts

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That dreaded time is here…

Time to write the next blog post.

Do you feel the same when you know you are writing your blog writing?

As I continue to reevaluate my business and marketing practices, the one thing I keep coming back to is content creation. Or in my case, lack of content. A task I just cannot seem to master.Stilt walking, blog writing why it's the same

When I was younger, I was fearless. Nothing stopped me from trying and doing anything. If you put something in front of me that I wasn’t sure I could do, I’d keep at it until I mastered it. I never shied away from a challenge.

There was the time that my dad made walking stilts. He was always creating something. Every kid in the neighborhood thought they were the coolest thing. But those dang stilts were hard to use. Getting up, with the help of someone, was a piece of cake. Staying up and moving, not so much.

There really was no great incentive to learn how to master them. It was mostly about conquering something that seemed a bit impossible. Fear of falling and breaking my neck is the first thing that comes to mind now. But back then, I think I was most afraid of embarrassing myself.

Just like blog writing, or content creation, I need to figure out the specific fear that’s holding me back.

After some evaluation, I narrowed it down to a few key reasons. See if these resonate for you, too.

My blog topics need to be unique.

It drives me crazy to read the same old regurgitated information. But the reality is, it’s not the topic but how it’s presented. I just need to find my voice, tell you my stories and hope you enjoy riding the wave of me getting there.

I need to be popular, or at least know that someone’s reading.

Who wants to do any blog writing for articles that no one reads, right? I’m learning to let that one go. If one person reads this and gets something out of it, I’m okay with that. Not that I won’t still be watching the traffic, but one reader is a reader.

I need to keep up with the competition.

Some of my colleagues write every day. I’m just getting my bearings again. That means I need to commit to my own schedule and keep working it for me. I’m not going to write just to write. (That’d probably result in me cranking out mediocre crap – and you don’t want that.) I will continue to enjoy my colleagues’ posts and hopefully get some inspiration in the process, but I won’t let their prolific tendencies dictate my business practices.

I must be a ninja girl.

This is where perfectionism comes into play. If you can’t do it 100%, then don’t do it. Where I picked up this habit, is still a mystery.

I feel like I need to be a totally talented writer. When, in fact, I just need to get the words on the paper. Then I need to rely on an editor and my coach to help me polish my ideas.

Like mastering those stilts, I’m taking all of my fears and facing them head-on.

When I first started, I fell more times than I can remember. But guess what? I didn’t break anything. After working those stilts for what seemed like months I was not only able to get up on my own but walk for miles. (Well, maybe not miles, but lots of feet for sure.)

My plan of attack now is simple.

  • Build my online marketing skills by focusing on one strategy at a time. Implement and watch the results. Then tweak them until I get what I need from them.
  • Write about the topics I feel like discussing and write to humans. Then work on the SEO and make sure they showcase (somehow) what I offer.
  • Focus on one social media strategy, mastering it as I go. Right now it’s Facebook. I’m also investing in some training courses so I can feel confident I’m spending my time there wisely
  • Take control of my blog writing and put into use all of the lessons I’ve learned from some of the greatest teachers and mentors.

How about you? What fears will you tackle to grow your business and live the life you love? Share in a comment below. I’d love to know you’re reading!

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