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Are you a looking for a speaker for your event who is engaging, entertaining and fun while being helpful and informative?

WordPress Design and Implementation topics for beginners and advanced business owners.

Strategies and Planning for success web design services for the harried and disorganized.

Tools, Resources, and Software Stacks to add to your DIYers, boot strappers and emerging businesses.

Presentations include topics that address the struggles of today's web designers and WordPress DIYers including planning, processes and digital strategies.  Whether you looking for a session speaker, panelist for your conference mastermind workshops, the practical advice that is presented answer the burning questions of your attendees.

From WordCamps to Women's events to online conferences, Lee's straightforward, information and fun nature have your guests walking away with actions that they can implement today, tomorrow and weeks to come.

Short + Simple (<100 words)

Lee Drozak here. I work with people who love their online business but hate their websites. Lee helps them get exactly what they want, which are a more client leads, conversions, and an effective website. It's time to turn your website shame into website wow - while making the design process stress free. No head banging here.

Mini Bio (100 words)

Lee Drozak is a Digital Strategy who designs and develops WordPress websites for people who love their online business but haa-ate their websites.

She’s here to help you shake up your approach to planning your next website while making every step feel like you're sitting on the beach having adult cocktails, chatting with your best friend. She helps you create a website experience for your perfect client and interested visitors.

A few of her guilty pleasures? Campfires, cocktails, and bacon anything.

Meet Lee Drozak + get ready to put that missing wow back into your website. You can find Lee at LeeDrozak.com.

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Getting Started with WordPress, The Insiders Guide



Six Step Processes To Keep Your Project On Track

Projects can quickly derail, whether you're a solo-designer or emerging agency. Without solid processes and communication outlines your clients can feel left in the dark and you can feel harried and stressed.

In this workshop, Lee takes you through her 6 phase process that helps you bring in the perfect clients and keep them on point during the design and launch phases of the project. She shares all her secrets as a designer, marketer and project manager that she's accumulated to make her process smooth as silk.

The Project On Task process includes:

  • Intake, finding the right clients and what to do with those who are on the fence.
  • Onboarding, setting up the project for total success.
  • Planning, the most important step of any project.
  • Design & Development, the meat and potatoes of most projects.
  • Launch, getting it right the first time.
  • Post Launch, the key to having satisfied clients and great referrers.

This popular workshop provides actionable information that works for every business size at any phase. It's ideal if you're looking for insider tips or honing your own process so you expand your team whether you're a designer, developer, marketer or blogger.

Clients From Hell - How To Reign Then Back In

We've all had one, or two or more - the client from hell. Sometimes it's because we didn't want to say no and other times it's because we didn't know any better. In this presentation, you'll learn how to weed out those who will suck up your time, micromanage a project and leave them happy so they refer you to their friends.

You'll walk away knowing

  • How to vet prospects before you say yes to them
  • How to keep a project on track and make the client feel like a partner
  • How to address out of scope issues
  • How to know if it's time to terminate and fire that client
  • How to provide follow-up to keep them coming back

Running a business is hard and having clients from hell makes it stressful. This workshop is for businesses of all size, whether your a freelancer going it along or an agency working with a full team. Lee uses her years as a corporate manager and trainer who turned strategist and designer to have processes that leave no stone unturned and shares her secrets with you.

Difference between workshops and training?

  • Workshops 2-4 hours in length
  • Training starts at 2 hours and involves complete immersion in that topic as a form of personal development
  • Sessions 30+ minutes designed to educate or expand on the topic at hand

Idea Audience

Any size, business owners, women and community groups, in-house training, independent professionals, not-for-profit volunteers