Lee's got something to say and sharing her secrets is what's important.

Short + Simple (<100 words)

Lee Drozak here. I work with people who love their online business but hate their websites. I help them get exactly what they want, which is a more client attractive and effective website. It's time to turn your website shame into website wow - while making the design process stress free. No head banging here.

Mini Bio (100 words)

Lee Drozak is a Web Designer and Digital Strategy Expert for people who love their online business but haa-ate their websites.

She’s here to help you shake up your approach to planning your next website while making every step feel like you're sitting on the beach having adult cocktails, chatting with your best friend. She helps you create a website experience for your perfect client and interested visitors.

A few of her guilty pleasures? Campfires, cocktails, and bacon anything.

Meet Lee Drozak + get ready to put that missing wow back into your website. You can find Lee at LeeDrozak.com.

Check out Lee's speaking topics, including:

Web Design topics

  • The F Words Of Web Design – Form, Flow and Function and more!
  • My Site is Ready Now What - Making The Most of Your Web Presence.
  • UX and UI - What The Heck Are They and Why Are They Important
  • Process Flows To Move a Project From Planning To Launch

Other topics

  • Processes and Automation - A Must Have For Every Business Owner
  • Getting Started with WordPress – Everything You Need To Know To Get Started!
  • Beyond WordPress - Maintenance and Security for Every Website.


Lee will also create a custom presentation for you, tailor-fit to the needs of your audience, upon request.

Lee's speaking presence is perfect for both large events and small groups that include but not limited to:

  • Online Business Conferences
  • Small Business / Entrepreneurship Conferences
  • Blogger Conferences
  • Women Entrepreneurship Conferences
  • Website / Tech Conferences
  • In-person Masterminds
  • Workshops