Are you tired of spending time searching the Google gods for how to do this and that only to realize you still have no idea what you're supposed to do?

Or maybe you’re a pretty savvy learner but you don’t have the time or the inclination to spend your time on the tech stuff.

Or you want to concentrate on what you do best, but still give your clients a one-stop shop and a well designed and implemented website.

That’s the reason that on-demand help was created. For you, the savvy business owner wants to keep their clients' success moving forward and not be derailed by website changes or redesigns.

Because you want a designer, developer, and implementer that you can trust. One who works with you and behind the scenes to make you look good and your clients look better. Enter on-demand help.

What is on-demand help?

On-Demand WordPress help was designed for coaches, consultant and freelancers who needed a white label (and white glove) option for their sites and their clients. But then we realized that there are lots of people who have one-off projects that need addressing.

And when you run into trouble on your WordPress website the last thing you want to do is hunt and peck for a solution that you don't know will even work. Who has time for that, not to mention the frustrations when you hit the wall of shame.

There's no need to struggle with getting your sales page up or adding a new plugin or configuring Google Analytics or troubleshooting an issue. On-demand was created as a one-off, I don't need a regular monthly maintenance option.

Because you need someone who won’t ghost you, ask you to give your left arm or first born to be a client. With the down to earth style practiced daily and get shit done attitude, we’ve got your back whether it’s a one-time tweak, a partial site redo or small ongoing projects.

What qualifies as on-demand WordPress support tasks...


Troubleshooting Problems

Stop worrying about the one tweak you need to make that will take you forever to figure out how and could bring your site crashing to a halt. We know code!


Creating New Pages

Stop letting those products or new services sit on a shelf and gather dust because you need to add a sales pages and thank you page and download page.


Google Analytics Configuration

You're not watching your numbers because you’re not sure if you have Google Analytics set up, let alone installed on your website. And optimization, what's that?


Website Retheme

Change is in the air and often the look and functionality of the website doesn't match those changes. We can recreate just about any layout or look.


Adding Plugins and Functionality

It’s easy to add a plugin but you also need to configure it too so that it does what you’ve intended it to so and to make sure it doesn’t interfere or break anything else


Automation and More

With today's tech, it's easy to let a website fo the heavy lifting like scheduling appointment, completing intake forms, taking payments and more.

You need to stop stressing over the WordPress and website stuff that’s holding you back from being incredible. And you need someone who's going to give it to you straight on whether your wants can stop being wishes and start being a reality.

Every to-do list is different and every website should be unique to your business so we need to discuss the nitty gritty of your tasks and projects. That's why we have a let's talk it out session to make sure all the bases are covered and you get what you need.

On-demand WordPress help projects are fee-based so you get the most bang for your buck and generally start at $100.

No Projects Too Large or Small For On-Demand WordPress Help


Lee has been a tremendous help to me (and a number of my clients) over the past several years. She's helped me with so many various WordPress related things. From installing and updating plug-ins, helping me launch a member site, creating surveys and other items on Gravity Form, backups and many other things I've undoubtedly forgotten as time has gone by. In addition to an endless list of WordPress tasks, she's helped with Active Campaign and GetDPD. She's tech-minded, witty and an overall joy to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with her as my business continues to grow.

Michelle, Private Client
Online Teacher and Numbers Whiz