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Personalized 1:1 help with your digital spaces

Do you need help with your digital space and WordPress website?

Are you struggling with your WordPress website and can't quite figure out how to make it work better for you?

Or, maybe you're overwhelmed with all the freelance and DIY advice and information that Google brings to you.

Have you been ghosted by your web designer and feeling a little stressed about moving onto someone else?

Too many consultants, designers, creative businesses and service providers are struggling to get honest advice, effective feedback and strategies to move their business forward. This one-hour consultation is perfect for brainstorming ideas, design guidance, flow overview and brand guidance to better your business.

Welcome to Personalized 1:1 Coaching with Lee

During our consultation, I'll get to know you, your business, what sets you apart, your strengths (and weaknesses) and what is driving you forward. Using my success and failures, I'll share my own experiences and how I can help guide you to build your own strong digital presence.

My goal is to demystify the information and answer all your questions while giving you actionable steps to move forward. I'm more than happy to review your website, an offer, your processes, or help you reign in ideas that aren't making it to the interwebs.

I want you to leave our session invigorated, excited and ready to take on the virtual world so if you feel you may need more than one session or some additional support I'll have you covered. But if you're more than a one and done type of scenario, I'm in your corner on that too.

its time to work with Lee.

Getting started is as simple as 1 - 2 - 3

The coaching service offered is 1:1 private coaching where we resolve key issues that are holding you back in your digital space. Some of those issues include technology, digital strategies, productivity, usability or how do I make this work issues. And while some consultants will charge $500+ an hour/session/consult, you only have you pay $150/session.

  • 1 Book Your Consult
  • 2 Block off the time on your calendar
    show up ready to chat
  • 3 Send any supporting information
    including your URL for a free review

Each business has different needs and technologies and business models, so you might have a few questions, be unclear about a process, or dealing with massive overwhelm. Heck, you might have programs you’ve paid for an never once used. Regardless of why you came here, you need help and actionable tips with next step to knock that all to the wayside.

Whatever’s got your panties in a bunch, we’ll figure it out and come up with solutions. Real hands-on guidance and support from someone who actually believes in your success and is invested in working with you, not for you.

wordpress help

When conversions increased by 50%  I know I made the right decision.


"Lee has the uncanny ability to see what business owners are blind to in their marketing materials. Working with Lee is the shortest route to a website marketing message that really connects to your prospective customers. I love how she reviewed my website as a user. She saw problems I had missed completely."

Dave Baxter
Coffee With Dave
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