WordPress Design

Usable, friendly and functional because your site is not about you. 

This isn't slapping copy into a theme.

Are you struggling to find the perfect WordPress designer or a WordPress theme that reflects who you are and what you do?

And you’re worried your designer won’t get you or your vision because you’ve spent a lot of time nailing down the who, what and why.

Or you have an amazing idea, are knowledgeable in your industry, have services or products that you know others will find helpful but you’re not sure how to make sense of it all. Let alone put it on a cohesive website.

Done for you WordPress creation is the way to go so that you don’t have to think about website development - letting you stay in your zone of genius.

I’ve seen way too many small business owners struggle with their biggest market asset trying to piece together a solution that leaves your customers scratching their head trying to figure out how you can help them.

Why invest in a WordPress designer for your website?

There’s a science to the process of web design and if you don’t find the right person you might get a website that is fit into a theme instead of fit to your business. Heck, you might even get a website that is just like every other client they have served. Regardless of your budget, you shouldn’t have to settle on an out of the box theme with no personalization.

And you need someone who knows WordPress inside and out, upside and down and gets their code on so that they can make things happen. Add to that knowledge of digital marketing because what’s the use of a website if it’s not working for you.

Whatever your needs, we’ll make it happen and come up with functional and pretty. And you’ll get a foundation that will be the start of something wonderful.

How it all works...

  • The Plan and 50% of the process

    In this step we get to know you, learn about your story, your why, and your purpose for being in business. This is where we will find out who your ideal client is, what they struggle with, what they need, and how you can help them. Here we focus on learning your goals and what results you want to see not only from your website but from your business. In this step, we’ll provide you with a detailed questionnaire that will get us started. Then you’ll have an in-depth site design and planning interview with me.

  • Design where pretty meets function

    This phase is where I’ll get into how your site will work, how visitors will move through your site, how your content will be presented and organized, and how your site will produce results. I’ll work with you to review the actions you want visitors to take while on your website and how you’re leading them to take action. 

  • Development aka geek speak for the build

    The meat and potatoes of the project. Where everything will come together and becomes a fully functioning website. This is the stage where you’ll need to submit your content and images and branding pieces. This is the phase where you get to see your presence come to life and make any adjustments that will drive sales and attract leads.

  • Launch to your mass of admirers

    Once you approve your site, it’s time to release it into the wild. You’ll have a live training session to learn all about the unique features of your site and how to use it. You'll also have access to a video tutorial area to use as you learn your new site.

And you’ll walk away with tools to keep your website growing.

If you’re a coach, consultant, service provider or creative who is stuck with designing a kick-ass website, this is perfect for you. Really, we’ll make the process stress free with down to earth advice and guidance that will keep you from hitting the analysis paralysis wall.

Thank’s my guarantee to you.

Get A Client Friendly WordPress Site!

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Jason Cupp

“I was fortunate to meet Lee Drozak and her team, and she has been my go-to WordPress guru since. She was successfully worked on my own companies website, as well as countless clients of mine. Lee is a trusted partner, does what she says she will do, marries the art of creativity and design and execution, and is a breeze to do business with. To note, I was once hacked and my website was down an hour before I was doing a radio show, and Lee and her team put me back online moments before we went live. That itself saved me tons of time, embarrassment, opportunity, and income. She’s the real deal and I recommend her wholeheartedly!”