WordPress Terms: Pages or Posts, What’s The Difference?

Knowing the difference between pages and posts.

Pages and posts in WordPress both are created to funnel information to the reader but there are difference between the two. Do you know what they are?

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Hackproof Your WordPress Website: 3 Steps To Make It Happen

Hackproof Your WordPress Website: 3 Steps To Make It Happen.

Malicious hackers are always looking for ways into your WordPress site by exploiting vulnerabilities. Having your website hacked is a concern for all WordPress users and online business owners. Keep reading to see what you can do to help hackproof your WordPress website and steps you can take if you get hacked. A few years […]

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Inherited Website: Insider Tips Revealed To Taking Back Control

inherited website, take back control.

It’s always a great day when I partner with new clients and make WordPress sites great again. Getting an inherited website usually means that the last partnership did not work with the client. And so to start the relationship right we need to set expectations, so neither of us feels like we’re the last to […]

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3 Critical Mistake You Could Be Making With Your Website

critical website mistakes you could be making.

Providing technical services to my clients has given me a great look into the not-so-tech-savvy way things work. Lucky for me, technology has always come easy. I’m able to find ways to explain it to my clients, so they understand at a minimum, the basics of keeping your website up and running, which is a […]

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101 Easy Steps To Launch Your WordPress Website

101 easy steps to launch your website.

Did I really say 101 steps to launch your WordPress website? You betcha I did. It’s more than 101 but what’s a few more boxes to tick. There are a lot of steps when putting together a safe, secure and effective WordPress website. Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP put together a handy infographic to walk you through everything from set-up […]

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WordPress Parent Child Themes, In Plain English

WordPress parent child themes in plain English.

Recently I was working on a site remodel for a coaching client who had lost all the customization to her site after an update. She couldn’t understand what had happened and why things looked so different. If her developer had taken advantage of the parent-child themes relationship this would have been a completely different scenario. […]

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Building Websites The Amish Way

what the amish taught me about building websites.

Who would have thought a move to Amish country taught me some lessons abut building websites. A little backstory first. In the last five years, I’ve moved four times. The first move was to get away from the hustle-bustle of the big city. The second, we got an offer on our acreage and 100-year-old farmhouse. […]

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Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!

Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!.

4 Crucial Points You Need to Understand Before Choosing  the Right Online Payment System E-Commerce is big business. Whether you’re a small solo shop with a couple of ebooks or full on with tons of products, online stores are the way to go. No matter the size, there’s one thing all online shops need – […]

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WordPress Websites, Myth-busters Version

pros & cons of Dropbox

According to w3techs, WordPress powers 25.4% of all websites. If you ask the pro-supporters they can give you tons of reasons why this number is on the rise. But ask the not-so-tech-savvy folks, you’ll get the complete opposite reaction. If you ask the pro-supporters they can give you tons of reasons why this number is on […]

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