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Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting

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Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting.

It’s hard enough to build a thriving business on your own, BUT if you need to shave a few hours off of your blog creation and blog posting, then it’s time to expand your team. The first move, most business owners make is in hiring a virtual assistant. But hiring one can be just as overwhelming as your to-do list. Don’t believe me? Look in any of your Facebook groups, and you’ll see TONS OF questions about hiring a virtual assistant for your business. The number one task, most business owners, hand off to their VA's is blog post management....

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Systems Automation While On Vacation

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automation while on vacation

I love to travel. I love to vacation even more. Many business owners never take a vacation because they are afraid they will miss something important. With systems automation of your business, you don't need to be one of those people. Prevention Magazine indicates that people who take vacations are happier, healthier, feel younger, and reduce their risk of heart attack by up to fifty percent. I’ve gone to a lot of remote places during my RV travels. Let me be the first to tell you that the wireless network is not everywhere. If there is a dead spot, I...

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