How To Keep Your Sanity When Working From Home

Do you thing working from home is a cake walk and all that you’ve heard it’s cracked up to be? It can with these simple tips.

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How To Brand Your Business On A Bootstrap Budget

branding your business.

Do you have your online presence on hold because you don’t have a logo or brand for your business? Well, I’m here to tell you don’t let that stop you from doing business online. I remember when I started everyone said you needed two things to brand your business: a business name, and a logo so […]

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Why Website Hackers Don’t Care About Your Business

hackers don't care about your business

You have a WordPress website because it’s simple to use and easy to make updates. But did you know that some less than honorable people are trying to break into your site? We call them website hackers, they call themselves savvy, Wait…before you break into a complete panic and cold sweat, keep reading to find […]

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More Payment Options with Stripe

take payments with Stripe.

The world is ever-increasing in new technological breakthroughs. Everywhere a person looks, there’s a new tablet or computer or phone or app cropping up somewhere. With so many options for technology to invest in, it’s difficult to know what pieces are worth the wait. Fortunately, some of the work can be taken out of this […]

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Dropbox: The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

pros & cons of Dropbox.

Having a laptop lifestyle means that you need to have your files and information with you where ever you go. The beauty of Dropbox is you can and will have all the items you put into your box ready with the click of a mouse. For many business owners, we work from our homes, the […]

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