101 easy steps to launch your website.

101 Easy Steps To Launch Your WordPress Website

Did I really say 101 steps to launch your WordPress website? You betcha I did. It's more than 101 but what's a few more boxes to tick. There are a lot of steps when putting together a safe, secure and ...
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WordPress parent child themes in plain English.

WordPress Parent Child Themes, In Plain English

Recently I was working on a site remodel for a coaching client who had lost all the customization to her site after an update. She couldn't understand what had happened and why things looked so different. If her developer had ...
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4 things you can do to update your website

Four Tests You Can Do Now To See If You Need To Update Your Website

Do you update your website regularly? I don’t mean adding a post or a page but making changes to ensure your site truly reflects who you are and your business brand. Technology is evolving exponentially. So is the Internet. Web design ...
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what the amish taught me about building websites.

Building Websites The Amish Way

Who would have thought a move to Amish country taught me some lessons abut building websites. A little backstory first. In the last five years, I’ve moved four times. The first move was to get away from the hustle-bustle of ...
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Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!.

Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!

4 Crucial Points You Need to Understand Before Choosing  the Right Online Payment System E-Commerce is big business. Whether you're a small solo shop with a couple of ebooks or full on with tons of products, online stores are the ...
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WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door.

WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door

Getting people to your website front door is easy with WordPress pings. One of the most powerful features of WordPress is pinging. It is also one of the most dangerous too. Let’s start with what is pinging. Pinging is a way ...
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automation while on vacation

Systems Automation While On Vacation

I love to travel. I love to vacation even more. Many business owners never take a vacation because they are afraid they will miss something important. With systems automation of your business, you don't need to be one of those ...
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Blog writing is like stilt walking.

Why Blog Writing Is Like Walking On Stilts

That dreaded time is here... Time to write the next blog post. Do you feel the same when you know you are writing your blog writing? As I continue to reevaluate my business and marketing practices, the one thing I ...
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if you're answering questions like this, stop.

Just Say No – To This Commenting Style on Facebook

I saw this conversation on Facebook the other day, and it totally irked the shit out of me. So I decided why not write a post about it and get the air cleared. Let me start by saying that I ...
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