hackers don't care about your business

Why Website Hackers Don't Care About Your Business

You have a WordPress website because it's simple to use and easy to make updates. But did you know that some less than honorable people are trying to break into your site? We call them website hackers, they call themselves ...
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HTML every blogger should know.

Basic HTML That Everyone Should Know

When starting with website development and design the first thing taught is basic HTML. Things like centering, bold, paragraphs come in handy when hand coding a styled website. With the advent of the visual editor, anyone can now do styling on ...
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easy ways to dejunk your WordPress sidebar

3 Simple Ways To DeJunking Your WordPress Sidebar

When it comes to WordPress sidebars, they have been around for a long time. While there are many themes that have full page layouts, most bloggers have preferred having at least one sidebar. People tend to use their sidebars like ...
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finding the right words to describe who you are

3 Simple Ways To Find The Right Words To Describe You

Don’t you hate when someone asks you what you or your business does, and you completely draw a blank? Why it is that all the cool girls can spit out the right words that are fun and enticing? When it ...
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101 easy steps to launch your website.

101 Easy Steps To Launch Your WordPress Website

Did I really say 101 steps to launch your WordPress website? You betcha I did. It's more than 101 but what's a few more boxes to tick. There are a lot of steps when putting together a safe, secure and ...
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WordPress parent child themes in plain English.

WordPress Parent Child Themes, In Plain English

Recently I was working on a site remodel for a coaching client who had lost all the customization to her site after an update. She couldn't understand what had happened and why things looked so different. If her developer had ...
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4 things you can do to update your website

Four Tests You Can Do Now To See If You Need To Update Your Website

Do you update your website regularly? I don’t mean adding a post or a page but making changes to ensure your site truly reflects who you are and your business brand. Technology is evolving exponentially. So is the Internet. Web design ...
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what the amish taught me about building websites.

Building Websites The Amish Way

Who would have thought a move to Amish country taught me some lessons abut building websites. A little backstory first. In the last five years, I’ve moved four times. The first move was to get away from the hustle-bustle of ...
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Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!.

Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!

4 Crucial Points You Need to Understand Before Choosing  the Right Online Payment System E-Commerce is big business. Whether you're a small solo shop with a couple of ebooks or full on with tons of products, online stores are the ...
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