have you Inherited a website.

Inherited Website: Insider Tips Revealed To Taking Back Control

It's always a great day when I partner with new clients and make WordPress sites great again. Getting an inherited website usually means that the last partnership did not work with the client. And so to start the relationship right ...
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finding key things to include above the fold.

Three Things That Should Be Above The Fold on Your Home Page

We're talking home page layouts today. Take a look at your home, do you have several ways you can get inside? Me too but I don’t always have keys to access all those ways so I rely on my garage ...
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Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting.

Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting

It’s hard enough to build a thriving business on your own, BUT if you need to shave a few hours off of your blog creation and blog posting, then it’s time to expand your team. The first move, most business ...
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Five Free Commercial Font Sites .

Five Free Commercial Font Sites You Need To Know

Fonts can certainly give your website personality and flair, but it’s important to realize that all fonts available on the internet are not web-friendly or free of charge. Commercial font sites are favorites of web and graphic designers for their ...
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branding your business.

How To Brand Your Business On A Bootstrap Budget

Do you have your online presence on hold because you don’t have a logo or brand for your business? Well, I’m here to tell you don’t let that stop you from doing business online. I remember when I started everyone ...
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there are many great free fonts.

Font Choices: Find the Best For Your Website

Ever try to find that perfect font and then you end up down the rabbit hole of font choices and selections? Every day new typefaces make their way to the web. But not every font, no matter how cute, is right for ...
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page speed matters for all devices.

Why Page Speed Matters. 3 Things Your Need To Know

Think about the last time you landed on a website, and it took forever to load because the page speed was turtle slow. Did you stay? Or are you impatient like me and moved onto something else? If your bounce ...
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You Need To Keep Your Website Maintained and Secure.

7 Things Your Must Do To Keep Your Site Maintained

You Need To Keep Your Site Maintained and Secure. I recently got a new car because I lease and my lease was up. The reason that I lease is that the hubs and I like a new car every few ...
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Website Marketing ABCs to make your website stand out

Website Marketing – The ABC’s to Making Your Site Stand Out

While doing lots of website reviews, I see people are so worried about getting their business message out that they often few forget the few essential cornerstones of website marketing, which is to catch the attention of prospects. It’s summertime here ...
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