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Knowing the difference between pages and posts.

WordPress Terms: Pages or Posts, What's The Difference?

When I began using and designing my websites using WordPress, the first thing I had to nail down was the terminology and how all the moving parts worked together and made a functioning website. For me, pages and posts where an easy concept to grasp and I believe it will ...
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Hackproof Your WordPress Website: 3 Steps To Make It Happen.

Hackproof Your WordPress Website: 3 Steps To Make It Happen

Malicious hackers are always looking for ways into your WordPress site by exploiting vulnerabilities. Having your website hacked is a concern for all WordPress users and online business owners. Keep reading to see what you can do to help hackproof your WordPress website and steps you can take if you ...
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DIYing Your WordPress Website? Do These First.

Are you creating your very first WordPress website? You know the DIY version where you pick a theme, add some content and site back waiting for traffic. But it never appears and you not happy with the results. Keep reading as we talk about the three things you MUST do ...
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Designing Your Website

Designing Your Website – 5 Things You Should Know

Looking to hire a web designer or don't know where to start when designing your website? Keep reading to be in the know for five things that will help you start your website project. I remember when we bought our first fixer-upper house. I was handy, and crafty, and savvy, ...
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Why You Need To Post as Author and Not Admin

Why You Need To Post as Author and Not Admin

Do you know why all of your pages and posts should be under your Author account? The best use for your WordPress user accounts, creating an author account and when to not use your administrator WordPress account.  Keep reading to find out why. My neighbor was a lovely older lady ...
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Using Your Audience Profile vs. Audience Persona In Your Digital Marketing

Audience profiles and audience personas. Do you know what to use when and why? Keep reading to find out what each are, why you need both and how they work together to keep you on top of your perfect client. I remember like it was yesterday a conversation between gram ...
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website clutter and chaos.

Website Clutter: Clean Up the Chaos On Your Website

Website clutter is real and can affect how your visitors interact (or not) with your website. I have a friend who operates in what she calls organized chaos and it’s amazing what she gets done in a day. When there is a lot going on around me (repetitive loud noises, ...
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Resources to Easily Optimize Your WordPress Site

These last few weeks I talked about creating a good user experience on your website including optimization tips to keep your site running lean and mean. When its time to optimize your WordPress site there are some apps and plugins that come in handy to make the job easier. I'm sharing ...
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user experience should be front and center.

User Experience Should Be Step One of Your Design Process

Let's start with the obvious and something others are not telling you, your website is not about you it's about your user, and that's why user experience should be top of the planning checklist. Your website is the chance to show off what you're all about including the solutions that ...
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WordPress site speed optimization.

WordPress Site Speed Optimization With These Three Tips

Slow sites suck, and worse they drive people from your website because nobody has the patience anymore. So if you're site takes forever to load you need help with WordPress site speed optimization, this article is for you. Before we dig in there's some pre-work to get you started. Test your site ...
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sales page optimization.

Improving Your Sales Page, The More You Know

Before we talk about improving your sales page let's talk about the difference between home pages, landing pages, and sales pages. Each has a function and a purpose which are different in small ways. Your homepage has a primary object to inspire visitors to get to know and trust you ...
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inherited website, take back control.

Inherited Website: Insider Tips Revealed To Taking Back Control

It's always a great day when I partner with new clients and make WordPress sites great again. Getting an inherited website usually means that the last partnership did not work with the client. And so to start the relationship right we need to set expectations, so neither of us feels ...
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finding key things to include above the fold.

Three Things That Should Be Above The Fold on Your Home Page

We're talking home page layouts today. Take a look at your home, do you have several ways you can get inside? Me too but I don’t always have keys to access all those ways so I rely on my garage door opener. Even when I go out with someone else, ...
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Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting.

Insider Tips To Help Your VA With Blog Posting

It’s hard enough to build a thriving business on your own, BUT if you need to shave a few hours off of your blog creation and blog posting, then it’s time to expand your team. The first move, most business owners make is in hiring a virtual assistant. But hiring ...
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Five Free Commercial Font Sites .

Five Free Commercial Font Sites You Need To Know

Fonts can certainly give your website personality and flair, but it’s important to realize that all fonts available on the internet are not web-friendly or free of charge. Commercial font sites are favorites of web and graphic designers for their client projects to add visual flair to their creations. There is ...
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branding your business.

How To Brand Your Business On A Bootstrap Budget

Do you have your online presence on hold because you don’t have a logo or brand for your business? Well, I’m here to tell you don’t let that stop you from doing business online. I remember when I started everyone said you needed two things to brand your business: a business ...
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there are many great free fonts.

Font Choices: Find the Best For Your Website

Ever try to find that perfect font and then you end up down the rabbit hole of font choices and selections? Every day new typefaces make their way to the web. But not every font, no matter how cute, is right for your website. When picking the perfect font(s), you have to ...
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page speed matters for all devices.

Why Page Speed Matters. 3 Things Your Need To Know

Think about the last time you landed on a website, and it took forever to load because the page speed was turtle slow. Did you stay? Or are you impatient like me and moved onto something else? If your bounce rate is high or your traffic is non-existent, this may ...
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You Need To Keep Your Website Maintained and Secure.

7 Things Your Must Do To Keep Your Site Maintained

You Need To Keep Your Site Maintained and Secure. I recently got a new car because I lease and my lease was up. The reason that I lease is that the hubs and I like a new car every few years because mechanics we are not. I can change the ...
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Website Marketing ABCs to make your website stand out

Website Marketing – The ABC’s to Making Your Site Stand Out

While doing lots of website reviews, I see people are so worried about getting their business message out that they often few forget the few essential cornerstones of website marketing, which is to catch the attention of prospects. It’s summertime here in the Burgh and with that comes tons of outdoor ...
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Are you defining your ideal client to be your ideal client?

Are you defining your ideal client to be your ideal client?

Do you have one person that you are talking to on your website? You know who I’m talking about, the “Ideal Client”. No? Are you defining your perfect client to be your favorite client? Read on to see how I finally made this happen. Years ago I attended a seminar ...
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Non-Techy Way to Improve Your Site Navigation.

Non-Techy Way to Improve Your Site Navigation

Have you ever gone exploring, only to come to a neat little town and have no idea where to go or what to find because there are no street signs? Worse yet, there are a bunch of “things to do 5 miles this way or 3 miles that way” and ...
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before you build your website do these things

Before Your Build Your Website, Do These Things

Are you ready to tackle the project to build your website on your own or are you willing to bring on your favorite designer? Either way, there are a few things you need to know that will make the process easier. And… let's face it. It will keep you from ...
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critical website mistakes you could be making.

3 Critical Mistake You Could Be Making With Your Website

Providing technical services to my clients has given me a great look into the not-so-tech-savvy way things work. Lucky for me, technology has always come easy. I’m able to find ways to explain it to my clients, so they understand at a minimum, the basics of keeping your website up ...
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5 simple steps to improve your website.

5 Simple Steps to Improve Your Website Now

Have you neglected your website for so long that it looks like it should be part of the way back archives? Taking steps to improve your website is the first step in attracting more clients. For years, I flipped houses with the Hubs. We were lucky that when we looked ...
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hackers don't care about your business

Why Website Hackers Don't Care About Your Business

You have a WordPress website because it's simple to use and easy to make updates. But did you know that some less than honorable people are trying to break into your site? We call them website hackers, they call themselves savvy, Wait...before you break into a complete panic and cold ...
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HTML every blogger should know.

Basic HTML That Everyone Should Know

When starting with website development and design the first thing taught is basic HTML. Things like centering, bold, paragraphs come in handy when hand coding a styled website. With the advent of the visual editor, anyone can now do styling on their websites. While I'm not saying this is a bad ...
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easy ways to dejunk your WordPress sidebar

3 Simple Ways To DeJunking Your WordPress Sidebar

When it comes to WordPress sidebars, they have been around for a long time. While there are many themes that have full page layouts, most bloggers have preferred having at least one sidebar. People tend to use their sidebars like their favorite junk drawers, cramming in everything they're not sure ...
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finding the right words to describe who you are

3 Simple Ways To Find The Right Words To Describe You

Don’t you hate when someone asks you what you or your business does, and you completely draw a blank? Why it is that all the cool girls can spit out the right words that are fun and enticing? When it comes to you - crickets, nothing, nada. To find the right words ...
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101 easy steps to launch your website.

101 Easy Steps To Launch Your WordPress Website

Did I really say 101 steps to launch your WordPress website? You betcha I did. It's more than 101 but what's a few more boxes to tick. There are a lot of steps when putting together a safe, secure and effective WordPress website. Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP put together a handy infographic to walk ...
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WordPress parent child themes in plain English.

WordPress Parent Child Themes, In Plain English

Recently I was working on a site remodel for a coaching client who had lost all the customization to her site after an update. She couldn't understand what had happened and why things looked so different. If her developer had taken advantage of the parent-child themes relationship this would have ...
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4 things you can do to update your website

Four Tests You Can Do Now To See If You Need To Update Your Website

Do you update your website regularly? I don’t mean adding a post or a page but making changes to ensure your site truly reflects who you are and your business brand. Technology is evolving exponentially. So is the Internet. Web design has to adapt to these changing standards or be left ...
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what the amish taught me about building websites.

Building Websites The Amish Way

Who would have thought a move to Amish country taught me some lessons abut building websites. A little backstory first. In the last five years, I’ve moved four times. The first move was to get away from the hustle-bustle of the big city. The second, we got an offer on ...
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Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!.

Online Payment: Shopping Carts, Gateways and Merchant Accounts, Oh My!

4 Crucial Points You Need to Understand Before Choosing  the Right Online Payment System E-Commerce is big business. Whether you're a small solo shop with a couple of ebooks or full on with tons of products, online stores are the way to go. No matter the size, there’s one thing ...
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WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door.

WordPress Pings: Getting Customers to Your Front Door

Getting people to your website front door is easy with WordPress pings. One of the most powerful features of WordPress is pinging. It is also one of the most dangerous too. Let’s start with what is pinging. Pinging is a way to let the search engines know that you have added ...
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pros & cons of Dropbox

WordPress Websites, Myth-busters Version

According to w3techs, WordPress powers 25.4% of all websites. If you ask the pro-supporters they can give you tons of reasons why this number is on the rise. But ask the not-so-tech-savvy folks, you'll get the complete opposite reaction. If you ask the pro-supporters they can give you tons of reasons ...
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automation while on vacation

Systems Automation While On Vacation

I love to travel. I love to vacation even more. Many business owners never take a vacation because they are afraid they will miss something important. With systems automation of your business, you don't need to be one of those people. Prevention Magazine indicates that people who take vacations are ...
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Blog writing is like stilt walking.

Why Blog Writing Is Like Walking On Stilts

That dreaded time is here... Time to write the next blog post. Do you feel the same when you know you are writing your blog writing? As I continue to reevaluate my business and marketing practices, the one thing I keep coming back to is content creation. Or in my ...
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if you're answering questions like this, stop.

Just Say No – To This Commenting Style on Facebook

I saw this conversation on Facebook the other day, and it totally irked the shit out of me. So I decided why not write a post about it and get the air cleared. Let me start by saying that I realized some of the comments were made by people who ...
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Using Stripe to collect payments.

More Payment Options with Stripe

The world is ever-increasing in new technological breakthroughs. Everywhere a person looks, there's a new tablet or computer or phone or app cropping up somewhere. With so many options for technology to invest in, it's difficult to know what pieces are worth the wait. Fortunately, some of the work can ...
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be real with your marketing message.

Be Real With Your Message and Marketing

I was on the phone with my coach discussing why I cannot seem to get my messaging and marketing down pat. Having been stuck for a long time, I just couldn't figure out how to get to point B. Then she said something that made me stop. She told me ...
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pros & cons of Dropbox.

Dropbox: The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

Having a laptop lifestyle means that you need to have your files and information with you where ever you go. The beauty of Dropbox is you can and will have all the items you put into your box ready with the click of a mouse. For many business owners, we ...
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the frustration of Twitter

Giving up Twitter for Lent….

Well, it is that time of year again to give willingly up something to make us stronger and a better person.  I was going to abandon Twitter, and all social media for that matter, to save myself some much needed personal time during the week.  But then reality quickly set ...
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