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stop overthinking your website design

Stop Overthinking Your Website Design

Do you tend to overthink everything including choices you need to make for your business and marketing? Do you look at those who are "successful" and "pulled together" in your industry and wonder why not me? It seems like success ...
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Prep Your Website and Make it Ready for 2020 With These Five Things

Prep Your Website and Make it Ready for 2020 With These Five Things

Summer is almost officially over, the kiddos are back to school and we will soon be bombarded with Christmas shopping specials and promotions. All this means a new year is right around the corner (at least in terms of business ...
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Beginners Guide To Designing A WordPress Website

Sometimes the budget doesn't permit you to hire a designer to create your WordPress website or maybe you want to know what's involved before getting started. Armed with the right information you can have the know-how to be an asset ...
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update WordPress regularly

Update WordPress, Themes, and Plugins Regularly

Clients often ask what is the next thing they should do once their site is complete and live online. And my answer is always the same - have a maintenance schedule that runs the updates for the core, theme and ...
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SEO optimization tools for WordPress.

WordPress SEO Plugins – Tools for Optimization

WordPress is already an SEO friendly framework, and you certainly don't need a plugin to rank in the search engines with the creation of good and useful content. But like any tool in the toolbox, an SEO plugin sure will ...
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From Blog Post to Book

Guest Post from Rochelle Melander Imagine this. You are completely confident that you will write and publish a blog post each week for the next year. You already know the topics you will be writing about. And here’s the best ...
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usability is a key piece of website success

Usability is a Key Piece of Your Website Success

I wish I could wave a magic wand for every business owner who has an online business so that they never had another website worry again..but that will never happen, right? The bottom line is that your website takes work ...
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create a simple style stile with a handy download.

Creating a Simple Style Tile for Your Website and Brand

Have you ever thought of creating a style guide to keep your business visuals consistent? But then you look at the options and quickly get overwhelmed by the amount of information you’re being told to gather. Search Google (or Pinterest ...
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brand personalities can be as colorful as needed.

Brand Identity or Brand Personality For Website Planning

Do you feel like your website is floundering because you don't know who to attract, how to get their attention and keep them interested in your business? You need to establish a connection between your brand and your customer so ...
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