Launch Your WordPress Website in 101 Easy Steps

101 Easy Steps To Launch Your WordPress Website

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Did I really say 101 steps to launch your WordPress website? You betcha I did. It's more than 101 but what's a few more boxes to tick.

There are a lot of steps when putting together a safe, secure and effective WordPress websiteCapsicum Mediaworks, LLP put together a handy infographic to walk you through everything from set-up to maintenance to SEO for your WordPress website.

Even if your outsourcing several pieces of the design and development process, you need to have a guideline of what must (and should) be done.

When you get ready to launch your WordPress website there's a whole slew of items and settings that need to be addressed, and you will need to start with a firm base. In this case, set-up of the WordPress framework including putting the files in the right directory and selecting setting to prevent hacking.

The set-up is the first step. You then have SEO, maintenance and updates. These can all be done by following the checklist that is like your WordPress blueprint to make sure you don't miss vital steps.

If you get stuck when you are ready to launch your WordPress website or are completely overwhelmed by looking at the list, give me a shout. Check out the ongoing WordPress support packages that take the guesswork (and grunt work) out of keeping your site safe and secure.

101 steps to launch your WordPress website

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